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Carmen's 1st Birthday Dinner [Apr. 20th, 2010|12:36 am]
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15th April 2010, Thursday

Just the day before, Evelyn got an invitation from her old friend Joey to attend her daughter's 1st year-old birthday dinner in Lok Thian Restaurant. At first the invitation was meant for Evelyn alone, but in the end all 5 of us tagged along (that includes Hiong, Kong Hui, Charlyn, JChang and me) for the fun of it and spending our time chatting and enjoying ourselves. (Though I'm only there for the intention of the free buffet :P)

Dinner was supposed to start by 6:30pm, but we arrived few minutes pass 7pm. Not much to talk about except it was a really quiet, casual sort of dinner party.

(photo by Joey) From left to right:
JChang, Charlyn, me, Kong Hui, Evelyn and Hiong

(photo by Joey) I have no idea what are they up to lol. XD

JChang and Charlyn. :)

(photo by joey) PEACE YO. ^^V

From left to right:
Joey, her husband Sky, Carmen in the arms of her grandad and the other
2 should be Carmen's cousins.

(photo by Joey) Carmen's Barbie birthday cake.

(photo by Joey) Group shot with little Carmen.

(photo by Joey) Little Carmen in the arms of mama Joey and daddy Sky.
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Alice's Saturday [Mar. 22nd, 2010|11:51 am]
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[Current Music |Super Junior - Sorry, Sorry - Answer]

My first post in 2010!

Actually I had a lot of things to share here, but the large number of photos I need to organize from the end of 2009 made me shrink o.O That's gonna take some while owh they do. So while I refresh my mind to look back at all those photos I'll update my cold little yellow journal with an outing from the 13th March.

Let's go!

13th March 2010, Saturday

It was a really bright Saturday afternoon. We had planned earlier to hang around town while we purchase our Alice in the Wonderland ticket for that night's showtime. It's been a while since we all hang out around Kuching Town. As a matter of fact, we don't really go out that much since we lack the transport to bring us around. Luckily, Siow Wei has a car and she drove the rest of the gang from home and went to pick me and Evelyn up from our half day work and we went straight to The Spring. It was few minutes pass 1 so we went straight to the food court and managed to grab 2 tables and went ahead to fill our aching stomachs. And in the meantime, fun with camera moment.

Green Hulk's possible descendant. o.O LOL @ Evelyn.

Kong Hui and me. He's not smiling though.

That's Evelyn taking picture of her hubby, Hiong.

Siow Wei wanted to avoid the camera, so we got this instead.

Finally we got a fellow Mirian like me :D
Dennis refused being shot, but in the end he still have to give in.

After our lunch, we spent our time walking around The Spring window shopping most of the time. We went into Toys R' Us (Is this how you spell it?) and I was trying to survey the price of the Gundam models they have. I was sort of disappointed that they don't have the Master Grade version of the Gundams that I want. ARGHHH NU AND EXIAAAAAAAAA. Kay, I'm done. <.< Or possibly Astray Gundam Blue Frame. Oh geez that's a really beautiful Gundam haaaaaa. But other than that, Evelyn, Siow Wei and I also managed to go gaga over the Play-Doh set which was placed right in front of the store. There were all sort of them, there's the Breakfast Set, Sushi Set, Pastries Set, Burger Set ohhh crap all the games that used to be the 'in-thing' in our childhood years and yet our parents never bought them for us buhuhu. So there we were, 3 ladies ogling at those hhmmmhmm yummy looking Play-Doh set and discussing which one to buy o.O LOL We are serious about wanting to buy one, ahh if only I had extra money for fun stuff <.<

Evelyn in attempt to use the huge butterfly plushie as a ribbon.Better not. X.X

Okay, funny stuff aside, we went ahead and stroll the parts of The Spring I haven't been to especially the 3rd floor. We went to buy our Alice in the Wonderland tickets and after that we passed through a manicure parlour and Siow Wei said she wanted to go in and have a manicure. She was doubting at first but after some time of looking at how pretty those patterns look on her fingers and how comfortable the whole process was, she finally wanted one. It was Rm49 for whole ten fingers and takes approximately an hour to complete so we went off looking at the surrounding stores while killing time.

We went into another hobby store staring at Gundam models, bought some sweets to feed my sugary fetish, browsed through some shirts and dresses, poking our heads into gifts shop and in the end we stopped by Gasoline. It was my first time in there and the whole kingdom store concept was really awesome. I still remember Evelyn and Kong Hui were going "Ah, vector!" over all sorts of things from the results of using Illustrator too much. There were all sort of seats available and we chose the Japanese style seats,

Evelyn posing with Gasoline menu.

While Hiong and Kong Hui were discussing what to have.

And I took the chance to snap a picture of everyone's footwear.

I ordered Peach Apricot Tea. Me likes.

Kong Hui approves above statement.

Was trying to capture some good side shots of my drink with Hiong in the background
and Kong Hui's hand trying to dip his fries into the chilli sauce.

Siow Wei completed her manicure in the next 30 minutes and it was pretty. Rm49 makes me hesitate but looking at how pretty her fingers now makes me wanna go for one round. Well maybe next time, when I have extra cash. <.< It was almost 5pm so we all went back home, took a refreshing bath and before our movie at 8:45pm, we departed from home by 8pm, purchased popcorns and drinks and went straight to the cinema.

Didn't have that much entertainment ever since I reached Kuching. Transport is limited here, and the bus service are not as great as it was back in KL but hey, having a friend who's willing to spend her Saturday out with us is more than enough for me. :D
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Whoa so many random stuff. And pictures too o.O [Nov. 29th, 2009|02:06 pm]
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[Current Mood |geekygeeky]
[Current Music |James Morrison feat. Nelly Furtado - Broken Strings]

As usual, another random posts full of late entries and the likes. And of course, with pictures as PROOF. I'll start off with the earliest interesting event to the latest so... yeah. Please do read on. May not captivate your heart but lets just say... for the sake of entertainment and my honest opinions? Yeah. Read on peeps.

5th September 2009, Saturday

It was a really nice Saturday. Besides, my friend Sue wanted to go to Sunway Pyramid to meet her friend so she invited me and my roommate Koree if we wanted to tag along. Heck. It's Sunway Pyramid, who doesn't wanna go? Well Sunway Pyramid is, if I'm not mistaken, the largest shopping center in Malaysia situated in Sunway area of Selangor. It takes you roughly a day to finish walking the whole place. Big it is, trust me. Damn big. Freaking big that it has a pile of big cement entirely crafted into a Sphinx right in front of it. Wish I could take picture of it but our best friend Google would be able to help.

Had Rocky (Yea, Pocky made NOT in Japan) for breakfast. That red devil is Wanpaku. A gift from my good friend. Cute little evil thing.

Okay, so we went there. Had our lunch. And Sue had to entertain her friends so Koree and I went for a walk on our own. It's my second time there. And before this we had my aunt to drive us there. Now we had to wait for the bus to bring us there. Well, it's kinda great that there's actually a bus route to Sunway but craaaap, the long wait nearly killed me. I didn't do much shopping since I didn't carry that much cash on me. Plus once I pull out some, there's this weird chain reaction where I will continue to pull out once I find something interesting. Not good for my purse. So we just walked around, window shopping, looking at the people skating in the ice ring/rink? Whatever. We see several dudes trying to show off their skating skills as they did some grand personal solo performance in the middle of so many crowds.

iPhone and some other exhibition in the center of the Blue Atrium. Cute huge iPhone hahah.
Those little icon cube seats are even cuter.

Not much interesting stuff you can find here except hundreds of shopping stores and boutiques. But then we saw a huge commotion and went in to sniff whats the commotion was about. And here are some of the pictures that I took. That was actually people crowding around local artist, S. Amin Shahab. He was there with a mission to draw 1001 faces of Malaysian to represent our country for the Independence Day on 31st August, 2009. Guess he didn't get to complete all 1001 on time huh?

Life Drawing. o.O Awesomeness.

Okay this time I crept behind him to get this picture. He don't mind. :D

Even nearer this time, hahaha.

A sample of his many drawings that was placed on the walls during his exhibition.
All drawn with ink pen on canvas.

A shot of one walls of the many walls. Detailed works.

Another shot of a corner of his drawings.

And that's that. Got tired of walking around, I've decided to taste the Takoyaki (Octopus Ball fried in a special pan) which I missed during my first visit. I thought it was nice. From the looks of it. Besides, the Japanese manga always shows them enjoying eating takoyaki like its the best thing in the world so why not. But to my dismay, it was horrible. Seriously. The ball was kinda big. Even bigger then the circle you can form with your thumb and your point finger, and what makes it worst is that the content, which is the octopus is just as small as your thumb. And what makes it so gross to eat is that it's so damn soft. They are supposed to be hard enough to be picked up with a toothpick, and this doesn't last long then 10 seconds. What was it? Rm4.50 for only 2 of them? If I see who made the brilliant idea to make bad quality takoyaki I'm so going to destroy him right on the spot.

'Tis sucks.

21st November 2009, Saturday

Another great day with the sign of rain in late evening. It was our first outing to KL for this semester. Whats with all those stresses, assignments and presentations. Now that's all gone, I've decided to chillax for a day after so long with friends Koree, Chain and Allen. So I told them I wanna watch 2012 while we hang around KLCC Suria. KLCC Suria is the shopping mall area below the Petronas Twin Towers, which is the world's current 5th tallest building. And what's more, Koree also told us that there's this ACGC supposedly held there. Well yeah, like they say, 2 birds in one stone eh? Or so I thought.

We went there and managed to arrive around noon. Went straight to the cinema and oohh it was so daaamn crowded. But still, there's nothing to rush for so we just waited and queued and eventually managed to get seats for the 5:15pm 2012 screening. Talk about packed weekends. And all those popcorners. Popcorners yeah. We had lunch, and Koree led us the way to where the ACGC was supposed to be held and only to find out that the event has been postponed to early 2010. o.O Shocking! But well well, nothing to lose there either. We can still kill some time in Kinokuniya. Great place to be if you like the smell of books that is. But before that we hang around the KLCC Park strolling around doing nothing while Chain and I were busy capturing random stuffs with my Tsubasa, Nikon D40.

A random upward shot of the KLCC Convention Centre.

Hidden Twin Towers.

And then it started to drizzle. So we head back in and well, before entering Kinokuniya i wanted to pay the toilet a visit. But I just don't understand why there's actually a queue in the female public toilets. And it's pretty long. So we head to the toilet on the next floor and it was the Premiere Toilet. Premiere Toilet. Premiere. Now that reminds me. I still remember how vividly me and my aunt used to laugh at the existence of Premiere Toilets. Never knew the reason why it existed, and how unique these places are since I'm never going to enter one. So okay, on this day I entered one, coz I'm too lazy to walk to the next floor and to find that there's another long queue. Premiere Toilet or not I don't care. Went in, paid Rm2, the hm.. toilet cashier by the toilet smiled in her hmmm... black suit as she handed me this wet tissue and I went in.

Yeah. Wet tissue. Cute bed sheet eh?

And what's so unique about this Premiere Toilet compared to normal toilets is that, well, besides the smartly-dressed servicers, the toilet smells pleasant at all times. Well that is good rather than smelling ammonia. The toilet cubes will also be cleaned at once after a person has finished using them. Well well that sounds good too. And lastly, okay, not so sure if they are washing liquid or face cream or lotion, but there at the sink, there's this row of above mentioned thing you can choose from. And from what I heard from Chain, in the male toilet they would inquire customers whether they want a spray of perfume before leaving the toilet. Hmmmmmmm.

Premiere Toilet aside, we went straight to Kinokuniya to smell the fragrance of books. At first I wanted to just look around, flipping through random picture books or maybe just get myself some reading materials from Tony Parson or Roald Dahl or Haruki Murakami, but then in the Chinese section I dug out a small shelf area where there put all the artbooks. Artbooks. Yea. There's works from Benjamin from China, the one who uses bold colours? Then there's some other picture book from some animes I don't really recognise. And fortunately, I dug out Shel-Yang's 2 artbooks o.O Whoa whee. Lucky me. Shel-Yang, great illustrator who hails from Beijing. She has an account in DeviantArt too, <a href="http://shel-yang.deviantart.com">*shel-yang</a> which is full of amazing works.

Oooooh me treasures! :D I'm officially a happy kid.

Okay. So after that we went to catch our 2012 movie. One words. Tear-jerker. 2012 may be about world's end, but that's not really what I'm worried about. What I'm concerned about is that the great family moments and woo unexpected dramatic deaths that nearly forced me to cower and cry myself in my seat in between my knees. I don't know how many times I cried but surely lots of time compared to the tears that I shed in my past. Yeah. 2012.

22nd November 2009, Sunday

Good things come from one to another. o.O There's this huge book exhibition, hm no no, grand book selling event in The Mines called 'Shu Xiang' literally means 'Scent of Books'. It was grand. Lots of books. Chinese books though. Which is not really my thing. My friend pre-ordered her books already so she just went there to pick her books up while I stroll around the places looking for place of interest. Luckily they don't just sell novels and books with no pictures at all. I was lucky to find a big shelf of manga translated into Chinese language. And what literally surprised me was that as I walked straight to the shelf, I was sooooo happy to find that those are not your normal manga. Hahahahahah! Not your normal manga I say. When I say that I mean books from the dark dark dark dark world. Dark dark dark dark world. Yeah. Alright, I'll just show you guys what books did I get my hands on.

You've been warned. Explicit content. Books from the dark dark dark dark world.

Okay. Let's start with the top row from the left. That's Shimotsuki Kairi's Heaven's Love. It's the thickest of the 6 books that I think looks decent from the cover. And who knows, that's my least favourite one. Hard rock fashion and ridiculously suggestive names. Next we have Madarame Hiro's Kawaii Akuma. Nice cover I must say. The characters look kinda cute inside. But once he grew up to be a real man he's not really my type anymore. Hahaha. Still, nice drawing. Lots of annoying characters inside too. Next would be Dolce by Kitazawa Kyou. It has this westernish bishies style of drawing, and well yeah, its about bishies working in an Italian restaurant. Okay for me. The next row from left would be Takarai Saki's Katsubou no Manazashi. Uh wah. Cute uke that one. Totally reminds me of Cloud. LOL. Hey don't look funnily at that uncle. He was drawn based on Brad Pitt!! Okay lol. Next is my favourite of them all, Hori Tomoki's Ake Nure Gorou ni Furu Yuki wa. Whoa the long title. I don't think I even understand what it means even in Chinese. Nice clean drawing. Nice story. Nice seme for one who has beard and mustache since I'm not really fond of those type. And that uke looks like Athrun Zala from Gundam Seed. o.O Nice naming sense too. But whats with the name Maddox anyway. Is it Maddox or Murdoch? Anyway he looks like my friend. Hahahaha. Okay last but not least, Otsuki Miu's Eien no Shicigatsu. It has a different title in Chinese called 'Couple Game'. Why do they change the title? Eternal July sounds much more promising than Couple Game...

Right. 6 for Rm48. So that's Rm8 per book. To me that's already a worth investment since back in my place you can get those book by paying extra Rm3-4 to when I get them here. I say it's worth it. Plus they are all good books. Though Heaven's Love not really my kinda thing.. whatever. All in all, those books are great.

Random inserts.

Some random shots that have been taken on various times and locations.

15th February 2009, Sunday

An upward shot of Pavilion. A high-class shopping center in the heart of KL.

Pavilion Cake in front of the entrance. Celebrating their 1st anniversary.

18th October 2009, Sunday

Melon Cream Soda bought from Daiso. And my laptop called Cookie. Trust me I'm not enjoying.
That thing on the screen is my animation btw.

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Short trip to the beach! [Aug. 28th, 2009|01:01 am]
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To whomever is taking their precious time to read my really random and crappy journal, thank you for reading this. Really. You make my really rare happy entry post even more meaningful. *grins*

Yes, you heard me right. It's time for me to post a journal entry, and whats more, its a more... positive journal with lots of photos that I've taken without any alteration in Photoshop (except one or two). Actually, what motivated me to write a new entry in my journal is the good feedback that I've gotten from my Animation Methodology 2 class this evening. I've completed my rough animatic, which is a rough, sketchy and basic idea of the animation that I'm going to produce and present at the end of this semester. I spent almost all of my time since Monday's Drawing for Animation 2 class doing the animatic and I'm really proud how it turned out to be. The dis-proportion characters, background-less and sketchy effects aside, I managed to get my concept across after struggling with drawing digitally onto the computer screen through tablet. My lecturer gave me a good feedback on it this evening so I'm really glad it worked out. *smiles*

11th June 2009 - Trip to Damai Beach, Kuching!

I apologize for the really late post of the trip. Heck, no ones reading, why bother? It was about a few days after I've reached Kuching, Sarawak from Kuala Lumpur during the last semester break. And of course, my genius brother suggested that we go to Damai Beach to chillax for a bit, and of course, it means family bonding taaaaaaim. Luckily I asked my mum to bring my Tsubasa (Ah. FYI, that's the name of my Nikon D40 :D) over so I can capture some random pictures while we're at it. Lots of random pictures. Really.


Here we are. Damai Beach Resort!

The descension to the beach.

My little brother and sister had gone to explore the area first.
Beautiful wind in the hair, Ya. Beautiful.

And before I get down to feel the sand inbetween my toes, I
took the opportunity to snap a photo of my brother, who seemed pretty melancholy that day.
Probably regretting over forgetting his flip-flops.

The path taken by many.

The ever unconnected earth and sea.

This was totally random. But I kinda like the really low angle and the visible sky.

Jimmy and Yaya are happy kids. Happy kids. Hey ya, whats with that
handphone in your hand?

Jimmy and his silly little dance.

Some kids playing beach ball in the water.

The incoming calm waves.

The interesting roots-like mark from the waves.

I am fascinated by rocks. Yes I am.

The ever unconnected earth and sea II.

Thats the Damai Beach Resort. Of course, we didn't stay there. I said short trip didn't I?

The undone sandcastle built by some kids earlier.

Ooh. Yaya's sexy legs. But what I'm trying to focus here is the glass bottle. Silly bois.

Happy kid, people. Happy kid.

But quit texting on your phone by the beach. It's family taaaaaaim.

picture by Jimmy.
Thats me holding onto the glass bottle. What. It's me posing. :p

Okay. It's time to return to the shades. And yes, thats a really cool shades you have on, mum.
And a really pensive looking brother at the background. Still can't get over the flip-flops huh?

picture by Jimmy.
Thats dad. Looking sad as well. I'm not so sure what got into the guys that day. They say
men is the child of the sea (?) Is that it?

"Silence is virtue (?) ..."

"I'm not going to say anything..."

"Okay! That's it dork! Give me that freaking camera!"

As if. Aaaanyway, those dialogues that you've seen under the pictures are made up serving as the sole purpose of entertaining and making this journal more fun to read. <.<

Thats that. Thank you for reading this!


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The first drop upon arriving hometown. [Jun. 13th, 2009|01:19 am]
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[Current Music |Jennifer Hudson - Spotlight]

We departed from Kuching as early as 10am right after my little sister and I had our last meal of Uncle Alex's kolok mee ang (That's Kuching specialty by the way, gotta taste it for yourself to know it). We didn't stop anywhere to get our breakfast since mum bought lots of junk food the day before. Plus I'm not quite in the mood to be eating stuff since my jaw is aching.

We arrived safely in Miri 10 hours later, at around 8pm. Grabbed a quick dinner at Survey area, which is pretty close to our home. Honestly speaking, nothing changed here. Well, at least at where my home is close to. Not sure about the city central but I guess there's nothing you can add there except Big Apple Donut and Starbucks, from which I saw on the updated boxes of Big Apple Donut.

Well anyway, thats not the point. By the time I arrived home, and for some reason I totally forgotten that my room was and has been occupied my stinky of a little brother and little sister which do not have any sense of arrangement and cleanliness. And I was half shocked, but also half expected that my room was crying out the invisible 'HELP' the moment I swung the door open. My bed was in a mess, my closet was trashed like criminal's wardrobe, pile of PC Gamer magazine on my table, coffee table topped with textbooks and laptop cooler, the bottle which Sonia gave me for my birthday present used and scratched with the bottom turned yellowish, my Wing Gundam Zero Custom HG model in its worst state ever and as if the place hasnt been cleaned from the moment I went to KL.

There are moments where I really wanted to shout 'You guys really fucked up my already complicated life!" and where my stupid little brother will come into the conversation and say something stupid. Every students who just spent few weeks before having their eyes bulging out of their sockets staying up late trying to pass up their assignments and complete their finals deserve a place called home, and one which is comfortable and eases our already tangled heads. And unfortunately, my home is nothing like it. Totally nothing. It's more like a refugee's campsite. The only welcoming thing is the sight of excited Droopy and Bruno, the dogs of our home.

Why? University life is already as fucked up as it is with lecturers betraying one another and even draggings we students into the possibilty of not being able to pass or do well in this semester, and now I return home I'm in charge of helping others releasing stresses when I'm the one who needs to release most of the stresses?

I need to get a real life pretty soon. My life sucks and fucked up everywhere I go. Sorry for the rudeness but I just need to spill out everything. It doesn't matter who is or who's not reading.
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self analyzing and end results. [May. 11th, 2009|10:15 pm]
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[Current Music |Do As Infinity - Faces]

Ever since I crawled out from my I-think-I'm-cool-so-I'll-hide-in-the-corner-of-the-room period since secondary school 2 years ago I vowed to myself to be a more better person. I thought with hair covering half of my face was cool and putting up a really sad and pitiful face was the 'in thing' but only to find that I'm no different than being such a big emo. After a hard knock of reality to the head couple of years ago only then I realise I've been living such sad life locking myself in the room indulging in anime songs the whole time and not bothering socializing with my friends with no care of the world unless there are free food or nice food offered in front of me.

A really good friend of mine, whom I've met during this time, gradually changed me to become the person that I am today. Well, maybe some of my attitudes are still intact but my meeting with her has given a whole new perspective on life. She showed me that there's a much more enjoyable and happier life in reality rather than just sticking your face flat on to the screen watching animes and listening to songs the hell you would understand what are they singing about. No no, don't get me wrong, it's not that watching anime and indulging yourself with the song that comes with it is bad, I still listen to them from time to time but she just made me realise that living in the fake world of fantasy for too long wouldn't do me any good at all. I still remember dressing up like the guys in the anime was really cool, and I've decided to abandon all girly and ladies clothings and started to dress up like a really emo Japanese guy, covering myself with long sleeves and dragging myself around in really baggy trousers in a country that doesn't even snow. I still remember buying a long sleeved turtleneck and went to church on a really hot Sunday morning with it. O.o A sign that I've gone cookoo in the head.

But meeting this really great friend of mine slowly peels that part of me off and I'm starting to regain the lady in me which i've lost to 6 years ago. But putting my wardrobe contents aside, the most important thing is she taught me how to be a better person. Not everyone is perfect, and she's not the most perfect person I've known in my life but hey, at least she knows what shes doing with her life and she knows herself even more than her own parents can tell. The respect that I have for her, I salute you girl. Graduated from secondary school with a reason of 'don't get too close to anyone if I don't want trouble' I try not to be the happiest person in the world. But she pointed directly at parts where I tried to hide from the world bullseye and even pointed at my shortcomings sometimes by dropping the cold bomb at me. And I thought I was the world's most normal girl! From this friendship it made me realise that there's always a chance for improvement and I'm glad she found me earlier before it's too late.

"It's always better if there's somebody who would tell you the wrong things you have done rather than no one to tell you at all. At least you will know that in some point of your life you might have hurt somebody else's feelings even though you didn't mean it, and this gives you a chance to improve yourself in the future,"

I have to agree with her totally. I guess being tossed with reality right in front of your face rather than having people gossiping about it with a bunch of friends in Starbucks behind your back is better huh.

Now that I've reached KL, I tried making new friends with this new me and try to make people happy by being a happy person. Well, things don't usually go as smooth as you might think it'd be of course. I get to see a whole new horizon of people, personalities, attitudes and the egos that i've never seen back in my hometown. As expected of the capital, things are much more fast-paced here, living qualities are pretty high, people could even be as rude as your butt hole for all the care. Even worse, I'm currently living with a reflection of my old self.

Oooh, that brings back memories. Anime songs singing in language that I can barely understand what are they trying to sing but the music is so damn good, watching animes with a lot of big-headed short girls with huge puppy eyes and innocent look that just give off the 'kawaii ne~' vibe, buying CD and DVD boxes of anime worth about RM80+ each just for a few episodes, is silent all the time but will strike a conversation that revolves around anime and manga. OHHH GAAAAAAAAWD SOMEBODY SAVE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

I didn't know I was actually even much worse now that I can see the actual thing right in front of my face ARRGGHHH. We barely strike a proper girl-to-girl conversation like how my girl buddies will do whenver we hang out for a chat in the coffee shop since she's always plugged with the earphone the whole time browsing about things God knows she's searching. Now I can clearly see how boring a person I was back then. Now that I've seen some clear changes on me I told my brother about it.

"Is that so? I thought you're not even pleasant to talk to last time,"

end of analysation. result = I was boring to death.
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I'm in despair. Totally. [Apr. 26th, 2009|10:18 pm]
[Current Mood |draineddrained]
[Current Music |John Mayer - Back to You]

Hello there to all my invisible readers! (What a way to coax myself from using the word 'non-existent')

Anyway, I havent been updating for at least 1 month, and this time I come with nothing but complains and feelings of how I've spent my previous weeks being beaten to bits emotionally and physical by staying up late in consecutive days in weeks and getting my head make buzzing and whirring sound that even causes my head to lose its proper function for a period of time. Half of the reason must be blamed on the lecturer however, for giving us a totally inhumane tasks and placing too much of a hope and standard on us, and expecting us to follow every command when there are some cold feud going on between some of the lecturer that are lecturing us, unable to decide should we follow lecturer A or lecturer B.

I'm an animation student taking diploma programme, currently in my 3rd year. But just so you know, even when I'm in 3rd year, the past 2 years we have been undergoing most useless crap by having the same class as the graphic design students. We're only served with the right menu only after we entered out 3rd year, and now they are expecting us to behave like a graduating student of an animation student taking degree programme. What the f**k? Can you not teach us basics at least in a proper teaching method before you throw us into our pit of agony making animation just for the sake of humouring you stoopid lecturers?

Not just that, there's even some cold shoulder treatments and boycotts going on in between the lecturers which is too obvious since they are even gossiping and badmouthing and backstabbing other lecturer in english for godamn's sake in front of students. Then we have timid arse licker who keeps talking about how bad the other one is but doesnt even dare to say it straight in the head and discuss together like an adult how to uniform all the requirements for how a storyboard and layout should be produced.

I'm so sick I can't stand it. Undeniably, they do have the skills and are qualified enough to be an animation lecturer, but in my bloody honest opinion, I dont think they are qualified to be MY lecturer with that sort of attitude. Here I am thinking my future job is on the line, and my goal is to get the basic animation techniques nailed down. I was thinking of continuing degree but I have second thoughts now. 
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ACGC in Tropicana City Mall [Mar. 23rd, 2009|03:43 pm]
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ACGC in Tropicana City Mall
(Anime . Comic . Games Convention)

Held in Tropicana City Mall, Petaling Jaya on 21st-22nd March (Sat and Sun) was my first ever anime and manga convention I ever attended in my life, for real. You can call me noob for all I care but I'm screaming HELL YEAH over here. XP Though because of its very very wrong choice of location (in an incomplete building to say the least, sheesh) not a lot of people attended the event. At first I wasn't so sure why did the MC seemed a little disappointed at the number of cosplayers who are going to compete, and well now I understand. The event started at around 3pm but before the event begins I did manage to take some photos with some of the cosplayers. The funny thing about the first thing I did right after I saw the cosplayers around was I saw Tsuna (Sawada Tsunayoshi from KHR) with Bianchi, Hibari and supposedly Yamamoto surrounding him. Following the inner scream inside, I walked over and my first photoshoot was with a KHR group. Was pretty excited, and the excitement mainly came from the sight of Hibari >__<

I took some photos of the cosplayers before the event started, while the photos during the event was taken by my more obsessed friend with my handphone. I deeply regret I didn't bring my DSLR Tsubasa now. If I had we wouldn't be pushed to the back like smallfries instead for owning a camera enough standard to go to the frontline XD

Amane Misa and I.
I'm really sorry if my presence beside your beautiful Misa makes you slash the screen but I like it XP

(by Koree)

"We're really good meister and weapon~" says Maka and Soul. Or so they thought. :D
(by Koree)

Maka and her really huge scythe that goes by the name Soul.
(by Koree)

Our judges. From left Mikhail Blanc of Macross Frontier, ______ and Goku from Dragonball Evolution.
(No, I don't know who's that girl in the middle)
(by Koree)

Nnoitra, Ichigo, Nel and Sakura taking a break under the plastic cherry blossom tree.
(by Koree)

A really pretty Suigintou of Rozen Maiden, minus the black wings.
(by Koree)

Coolness O.o
(by Koree)

Taichi and Hikari from Digimon and Ichigo. Aww, look at Agumon.
(by Koree)

The lovable Kagamine Len and Kaito of Vocaloid 2. I'm so stealing them.
(by Koree)

To those who love Kaname x Yuki, albeit longer hair. Where's my Zero?
(by Koree)

From this point on will be mixed up pictures taken during their Posing Round, Interview Session and Performance. Most of them are cropped to the unforgivable point due to very wide empty spaces and annoying blotch of arm and/or heads. All photos taken by my friend Koree with my phone.

Black Star posing with Tsubaki.

Tsuna in his Hyper mode posing his Zero Point Break Through Custom.


Dante rulez.

KYUUBI-TTE BAYOOOOOO. No? It doesn't go that way huh?

The oh very adorable Ranka Lee.

Evil zombie nurse from Resident Evil is coming to get YOU.

What could be a more better way than to sit down under your umbrella
and enjoy the spring eh? Sakura is definitely loving it.

Yo thar, Reno.

Tired Reno is squatting, still with his tongue out.

ORYAAAAA. Yes, I heart joo.

Dr. Stein wants to smoke.

Dr. Stein now wants to attack with his syringe and plastic cake knife. O.o

Sniper from RO posing with his bow trying to shoot a crack on the stage
for being zombified.

Tsubaki is Black Star's companion, YEAAAAAAAAH.

Nnoitra vs Ichigo. EPIC BATTLE EVAR.

It is truly an excitement to have met cosplayers that ARE GOOD, and I really mean good. I don't wanna be too bias or choosy but my personal favourite has gotta be Reno and Black Star. Those guys are awesome and they even act like their characters. Too bad I didn't get the chance to take a picture with them *sobs* Reno came in pretty late and I couldn't find Black Star (You've got a ninja right there). There were some other cosplayers who aren't in the competition, and some of them are really good as well, to be more specific Kagamine Len and Kaito. I will either abduct them or steal their clothes when they're not noticing because they definitely did a great job putting music synthesizers to life.

The event was scheduled to end till 9pm. But we left at around 5:30pm to catch the bus and train back home or else I'm going to be stuck in the place with no help at all. Was wondering what kind of performance did Reno do for the audience? Anyway, not going home empty handed, I also purchased an artbook called 'gift' Prologue edition which features all kinds of talented artists in and out, mainly with their base set up in DevArt. It was RM35 but its worth it. Some of the artworks in there are really enjoyable and I might just learn a skill or two from observing. :D

Overall my visit to ACGC was great. I just can't stop fretting about not bringing my D40 Tsubasa or else I could've gotten more pictures of higher quality. I wouldn't even find me trouble just to get to the front row to get upclose. ~.~

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Manga Hunt 2 + Trip to KL [Mar. 20th, 2009|09:04 am]
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Actually, before I came to KL almost a month ago, I managed to hang out with Esther to have our last treasure hunting before class starts. But because of the limited numbers of new shipped books available (unless you live in the capital), almost all the good books available on the shelves have been dug out by us. Though I did manage to find 3 books, which 2 of them were worth digging. First off, when I walked around the place I could only find old yaois. Some of them were sold in a set, which costs a lot so I tried looking and looking at the same spot over and over again. My eyes were fixed on Nekota Riko's Heart de Yowasete (totally different cover than the original release). The drawing style totally reminded me of pepu for a reason, so I thought I'd give it a try even though the characters were shown using fancy flower printed clothes which was questionable to my purse and my eyeballs.

Then Esther and I raised our head upward to stare longingly at the unopened treasure on the shelf, which are exposing their beautiful covers so straight at us. We've been looking at the area for so long and yet they still haven't place it down to the display area so we thought we'd go and bug the shopkeeper and ask her if she can take those books down, which she did. There I found 2 aforementioned treasures by Hanada Mako for her work Tsuki no Kakera. Surprisingly, her drawing style really resembles Lily Hoshino for the exception of the way she draw the eyes. The cover really really shiny and pretty and the story is really adorable. Then the other one would be Sakamoto Mano's Kawaii. The cover was really refreshing to see, and her drawing style is raw and sketchy. Quirky maybe. A collection of shonen ais but that will do. To kill boredom, I also bought a set of shoujo by Saitou Rin, Sekai wo Teki ni Mawashite mo. A very interesting story about a girl, her brother-in-law, her sister-in-law and her best pal, which is a guy. A little hint of incest right there but I can assure you the ending is a happy one. Maybe bittersweet but it's all good. They said there's a really cool manga shop inside KLCC which was opened by a fellow Japanese, so if I do have a chance to go there, I'm so going to that place. There should be some good stash of treasure worth searching for.


2 weeks ago when we had an extended holiday, I went to KL with some friends to look for a tablet which is needed for our assignments + shopping a little bit. We went for lunch first in The Ramen House in Times Square before we head to Sungei Wang. We stopped by a store where they sell all kinds of goods related to anime and I spotted the Chrono Cross OST CD collection by Yasunori Mitsuda. OMG. There were 3 cds inside and the songs were all gorgeous (from playing experience, best game EVAR) so I went ahead to buy it. It pulled out RM30+ out from my pocket but I don't mind spending money on rare find. And then we visited the bookstore Bashmeer. They were looking for design books so I was just browsing in between the thick and expensive books when I spotted a hidden book just at the shelf beside the counter. It was an illustrated comic by Jidi, a female artist from Beijing, China with an award winning book called My Way. It's only RM15. RM15 for an award winning book in the middle of expensive sea of books. It was really pretty, with all the paintings done digitally, and the story was really touching as well. it's really worth reading though you have to be able to read traditional Chinese to understand the inside. 


Assignments are practically killing me at the moment. Although we only have 6 subjects, with 1 minor theoretical subjects, the amount of assignments we have right now was as if I've taken 10 subjects. *dies* With most of them from Drawing for Animation and Animation Methodology. Some of them were just some touching up but the most horrifying part was when the lecturer wanted us to redo the whole damn thing. Talk about a tyrant. He was commenting and pointing out our stupid little mistakes during line test and he used the word 'redo'. What a heart breaker that guy is. With practically 7 assignments to catch up during the weekend I'm not even sure if I can attend the ACGC convention over in PJ this Sunday ARRRGGGHHHHHHHHH. 

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Manga hunt and gold mine! [Feb. 5th, 2009|12:13 am]
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Today was a very fruitful day! Actually the day started out with me getting out from bed practically at noon time. And heh, with my little brother and sister in school and my mum out to work, I'm left alone with the house and the lappie (which is stuffed with a lot of downloaded guilty pleasure goodies, if yaoi don't make sense to you). Just then I received a text from a very good friend of mine asking if I wanted to hang out with her to the bookshop. And when we mean bookshop, we with hesitation walk towards the bookshelves which are located at the back row to fish for our yaoi mangas.

2 years ago I stumbled upon these good stuffs through random search on the net, and I have remained the same way. But I think it was roughly mid last year, this friend of mine, whom I've get to know more after we realised that we are on the same boat told me that there are actually some bookshops which have these mangas on their bookshelves. Lucky me! You don't get to find people with the same kind of 'dark' hobby in my place, plus she came from the same city as me so I was really happy to talk about this great discovery with her and spread the shipping of GinHiji to her. :D 

But anyway, we went to this usual bookstore as they have quite a stash of yaoi collections. There are only 2 shelves with yaoi/shounen ai titles and they are mixed with pretty old mangas, old mangas and pretty recent mangas. My friend even got her hands on Lili Hoshino's Toritsu Mahou GakuenAishichittano (which consists of 7 awesome oneshots, which mostly are shota-isque),  Hanamukou-san and its sequel Hanayome-kun (I like the sequel better because the latter pairing is just plain cute). Previously when we were still in Kuching I still remember she lent me another one by Sakurai Shushushu which goes by the title Yume Miru youni Dakaretai (which is about a middle age man being an uke against his younger subordinate XD).

The first visit (with the 'Grab Yaoi and Scram' mission in mind) to the bookstore, I was pretty lucky to stumble upon Tennouji Mio's Hyper Reality (which consists of doujinshi oneshots from Prince of Tennis, Naruto and Katekyo Hitman Reborn. But what grabbed my attention was the Inui x Kaidoh cover illustration *big grin*), Kyujyo Kiyo's Zone-00 (pretty angsty, and the illustrations are pretty messy but its BL-hinted) and the oh so mind boggling Inomoto Rikako's R-25 rated Body Talk. (A yummy collection of yaoi oneshots. You start with normal nosebleed as you flip through, but the last story will end with you spurting nosebleed *thumbs* This is definitely a great find).

Today we returned to that bookstore again, bearing the same hope in search of our happiness in the paradise, and I found Bikke's Shinkuu Yuusetsu (Shounen ai. And with that said, its all fluffy and sweet), and Honjou Rie's Ikura Nandemo Suki Sugiru (Although its a collection of 7 oneshots, the stories are pretty tasteful. That's Honjou for you :D) and another one titled Love Skit, which I have yet to unwrap. I'll deal with this slowly, hehehe.

But that was not all I spent my money on though. Few weeks ago I also managed to indulge myself into 2 very interesting shoujo mangas. There was this one manga which was done by Akizuki Sorata with the title Akagami no Shirayukihime. I found this in a manga rental store which I think were holding a manga clearance sell. Man you have to go there and see for yourself. They were practically selling off all those precious manga collections and by the time I got there, it was almost empty and mangas were all over the floor. All that was left was really old and some unpopular manga. But once again, I was pretty lucky to found a nicely wrapped and new manga by Akizuki Sorata. I only found the first volume, but I'm going to hunt down for the next 2 volumes and wait for its continuation. The story is really refreshing and sweet, the drawings are pretty simple but the clothings are really neat and detailed. It's a story of a very optimistic but brave heroine and a really sweet prince who is always watching over her. And guess what, all that with only RM0.50 out of my pocket. CHEAP. Manga (if you mean shoujo) in my place can be sold at around RM4-5 the least, and that was yet another great find. Oh, and did I mention BL mangas are sold at at least RM10+?

But not only that, we also found another manga paradise where I found Kazumi Yuana's 2-volume Kachin*Ko. And no, this has nothing to do with chinko and that sort of stuffs. I wouldn't say its really shoujo, but rather focuses on a film club of a certain school and the hardships that they went through before all of them manage to pull themselves together and realise that filming is their dream and its hard to let go of it. I was captivated by the water painting-isque cover illustration, and well, Kazumi did not fail me. I've decided that the next time I visit that 2nd bookstore, I'll hunt for more Akizuki's and Kazumi's.  It's hard to find really great mangas in my place. And even if you found one, they're all in old chinese (since all those are shipped from Taiwan). Well they might be Taiwan Chinese translated, but I don't mind that. I get to keep them, heeeh~

But sadly I can't show you guys the cover or the contents since I have no scanner. GUH. But all of the manga's information can be found on Baka-Updates. *winks*

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